Core Clients


I’ve been using Core Industries blanks exclusively for almost two years now. Their various blank grades have proven themselves to have the best combination of whiteness, strength to weight ratio and hardness than any others. Core’s biggest attributes are their performance underfoot and their consistency in the product.

Athlete and customer feedback has never been better with regard to the way the blanks surf and also hold up to pressure dents and I’m now getting incredible consistency in blank flex, pop and hardness throughout the year’s seasons due to Core’s manufacturing methods and quality control.

The crew at Core make amazing blanks because they want to surf amazing blanks, they take shaper feedback seriously and are always trying to take things to the next level.Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

Nick Blair – Joistik

I started using Core Blanks over 3 years ago.. I was first impressed by how eager to boys from core were to make quality blanks that perform in the water and to provide a good service. To be honest they had a few teething problems with the foam in the beginning but they soon worked on it and ironed things out.

A couple of months into using core I made some boards for my team riders out of Core foam…with two of the riders I made the identical boards, one in another companies team weight foam and one out of Core, and they both came back to me saying the board with the Red stringer felt way better, they did not know it was two different types/ brand of foam..I did this test again and came up with the same results. From then on I have only used Core blanks for all my production.

Luke Short – LSD Surfboard

I’ve been working with core blanks for about 4 years and I’m happy with the progress of the product in that time. the blanks have improved a lot since I first started using them and this shows that the boys at core have worked hard to get their product to a consistently high standard.

I’ve put my team riders and myself on these blanks and the team guys especially Bede have been stoked with the performance aspect of them. Bede won Brazil and Pipe on a board made from a core blank. He was also riding cores in the semis at trestles and Puerto Rico. Bede mentioned that in smaller surf they have superior lift and flex to other blanks he has tried.

I will continue using Cores for my team guys in the future.

Wayne McKewen – Mt Woodgee Surfboards